The Quality of Free FPS Games

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or someone who plays for fun, free first-person-shooter games offer quality game play at no cost, attracting all types of gamers to play online. It may be surprising to many that companies can release free fps games with better quality then most games with a price tag, but its a fact and now there are many companies releasing free games. You have nothing to lose but hard drive space when downloading these games, and you can even play them online for free.

The graphics in most free fps games average to beingĀ UFABET equal with priced games, making them very popular. Because these games are very popular, there are many people online and ready to play at all hours of the day, so its not uncommon for players to feel the wrath of lag. Not all free fps games will have slow server issues during game play. In fact, some of them rarely ever have lagging issues at all. It usually depends on which server you pick to play on, some games don’t have more then one server to allow you to pick, but the ones that do will show you what servers are busy and what ones aren’t. As long as you’re hooked up with cable or DSL then you should never have any lagging issues.

Combat Arms and War Rock are just two of the successful online fps games. They are a success because their online servers are packed with people ready to play all day and all night. Combat Arms is supposedly the best, but there are many new games currently in the works. The only problems with these games is that people with dial-up connections can’t play, but if you have dial-up you probably won’t be downloading these huge game files anyways. For those of you who would rather not download a game and instead play a browser based fps games, then your in luck! There’s a new game currently in beta testing called “Phosphor”. Its a browser based fps with graphics comparable to War Rock and Soldier Front and as soon as you visit the site your immediately put in the battlefield.

First-person-shooter games are very competitive online, and with all of the free games available you should have no trouble finding the right one for you. Don’t assume that these games aren’t good just because they’re free, some of them are even compared to Call of Duty and other paid for games.

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